How long does it take to truly uncover your natural given creativity (you may replace natural with god, spirit or any higher force you prefer)? I would argue that it takes a lifetime.

Currently I am on my biggest epic bike ride to date. I call it "Destination Canada 150". To find my updates, please go to the top of the page and click on "more", then "Blog".    

​My name is Jorg Schlagheck. I run a professional handyman service under my name. Creative Mind - Skilled Hands is my slogan. See more at jorgschlagheck.com.

There is however a part of me that is still more creative than you'd ever expect of a handyman. Up to this point it has been a well kept secret. I'd like to change that.

​My name is Jorg Schlagheck. I am an avid cyclist, artist and writer. This is my website. Welcome to secreativ.com!